Designer Eye-wear

Why Anti-Glare?

Quality Anti-Glare allows light to pass through your lenses to the back of the eye, rather than being reflected off the front surface and interally.

Light bounces off flat surfaces, causing glare. The Anit-Glare we offer will allow you to see through your glasses, rather than looking at them, so you can use the custom prescription written for you by, the optometrist. Cosmetically cleaner, onlookers can see your eyes, instead of themselves in your lenses.

The Anti-Glare qualities are baked internally into the lens and then a hard coat is added. Giving you better vision, a lens easier to clean and more scratch resistant with extended warranties.

Why Transitions/Photocramatic Lenses?

Transitions comes in many different tints now. If you don’t have a quality pair of prescription sunglasses, Transitions can save you from the need to buy a second pair.

Ultra Violet Light penetrating the lenses will activate molecules added to the prescription lenses while in a liquid state, darkening them to provide you with comfortable vision out doors.

We can help you decide from Lenses that get moderately dark for patients who prefer slight shade to lenses that actually Polarize outdoors and return to a clear lens inside!

Our Optical Services provides you with the highest Quality Frames and Lenses for any Lifestyle, Occupation &/or Recreational Needs. We can help with prescription lenses for everyday use to Specialty Lenses for Sports and Hobbies. Come see our inventory of frames for all ages and uses.